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Established in 2020, ‘ecpd team’ strives to reignite passion in education and care through professional practice support as well as in-home care. We believe focus on your journey, your team, your children and your community brings the best of you to bring out the best in children. With grass roots experience and bespoke support options we partner in your professional journey in education and care both in-home and in your service.

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Our consultants, carers and facilitators have been educators first. We know education and care from the ground up bringing you practical strategies and services that make sense.

Real Experience

Leveraging our background as educators, we offer practical techniques and valuable perspectives that are both relevant and effective.

Your Journey

We collaborate with you in your journey towards enhancing quality outcomes for children. You no longer have to feel incompetent and demotivated while striving for unattainable goals.

Accessible and Economical

Our support services are available both in-person and through digital platforms, offering you a variety of options to suit your schedule and budget.


Our team recognizes that schedules can change unexpectedly, which is why we collaborate with you to ensure that the care or support we provide is tailored to your busy family or business.

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We delve deep into your unique context before planning any solution. This means a better outcome for your investment.


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Our LEARN platform uses engaging multimedia content to improve professional practice. Educating children is complex, requiring many perspectives so we provide an ecosystem of courses,  clinics and forums to enrich your skills and knowledge. We even have an all-you-can-learn option for a small monthly fee with our LEARN Academy.

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